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FEMALE LIBIDO BOOSTER - sexual Enhancer for Better Sex

FEMALE LIBIDO BOOSTER - sexual Enhancer for Better Sex


Female Libido Booster
Increases Libido And Sexual Performance In Women,
Promote Sexual Drive, Increases The Size Of Breasts
(2 Bottles, 120 Capsules)
(Manufactured in USA)
Our New Unique Formula Female Libido Booster: 
This unique formula Female Libido Booster includes: Fenugreek extract, Eurycoma Longifolia, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Arginine
What Is Libido?
Libido is a term that we commonly use to describe sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. World Health Organization states that sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality, which is a reason why modern physicians recognize the importance of libido as one of the key indicators of general health and quality of life. Throughout history, the term 'libido' had diverse meaning in the work of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts namely Sigmund Freud who placed it on one side of his instinctual dualism, and Carl G. Jung who identified libido as a psychic energy. Today, such wide-ranging definitions are seldom used, and when talking about libido, we are mostly concentrated on sexual drive.
What is Fenugreek?
Alternate Names Fenugreek is also known as Methya (in Marathi), menthya (in Kannada), Vendayam (in Tamil), Menthulu (in Telugu), Uluva (in Malayalam) , Uluhaal ( in Sinhalese), Methi ( (In Oriya,Bangla, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi). In Persian it is Shanbalîleh, and in Arabic its name is Hilbeh. What is Fenugreek? Fenugreek belongs to the plant family "Fabaceae". It is available and used both as a herb (the leaves of the plant) and as spice (the seed). It is cultivated worldwide as a semi-arid crop. It is frequently used in curry and is a very famous Indian leafy vegetable which resembles clover leaves. It has a very light bitter taste (which might require getting used to) and has a spicy taste to it. Fenugreek is an annual plant/herb which is a well-known leafy vegetable. It is Nature’s gift boon to mankind and its regular use will help keep the body healthy. This very herb cum plant is native to southern Europe and Asia, is an erect annual herb with white flowers and hard, yellowish brown and angular seeds. It bears small-balloon shaped, light green leaves; sized to 2-2.5 cm which give a pungent and aromatic flavor. It can be grown in kitchen gardens, backyards, fields, gardens, in pots etc like this. It grows well in loamy-black soil. Fenugreek is thought to be beneficial as an aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and antibiotic. It is also one of the most popular ingredients used for natural testosterone boosting. The use of Fenugreek can be traced back to the Bronze Age (around 4000 BC). Fenugreek plant was first planted in the Near East. Presently, this plant thrives in Mediterranean and Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Egypt, France, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Morocco, among others.
Benefits of Fenugreek:
  • Increases Libido And Sexual Performance In Women
  • Can Increase Strength And Performance In Women
  • Delivers High Potent Antioxidants To Fight Free Radical Activity
  • Breast Enhancer For Women
Fenugreek contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and D. It’s particularly rich in iron and vitamins A and D, and is strangely similar in chemical composition to cod liver oil. Fenugreek cleanses, stimulates and helps remove waste products from the body. It stimulates the lymphatic system, the kidneys and the liver to remove all the after effects that follow too much of too many good things. It contains powerful antioxidants that have a beneficial effect on the pancreas and liver too. Fenugreek having a reputation as a breast developer and milk stimulant, fenugreek has a naturally-occurring diosgenin  which bears a striking resemblance to  a female sex related .
What Is Rhodiola Rosea?
Also called Arctic root, golden root, and roseroot, the rhodiola rosea plant thrives in regions with cold climates. It bears bright yellow flowers and roots that smell like roses when dried. The most effective and popular species is native to the frozen tundra of Siberia, so it’s also commonly known as Russian rhodiola. Rhodiola rosea has a long and illustrious history. The Greek physician Dioscorides was one of the first to document the medical applications of what he called rodia riza in his classic volume De Materia Medica in 77 AD. Both the Viking adventurers and the Chinese emperors prized “the golden root” for its medicinal properties, especially the significant effect it had on strength.
The Benefits Of Rhodiola Rosea:
Improved Mood:
One of the most notable benefits that people are reporting from rhodiola rosea is improved mood. Users are saying that it makes them feel less depressed and more energetic and motivated.
Reduces The Symptoms Of Stress:
Several other studies done on rhodiola rosea have shown that it improves overall sense of well being. These studies looked at the effects that rhodiola rosea has on stress. They all showed that it reduces the symptoms of stress, and improves overall sense of well-being.
Ability To Reduce Fatigue And Improve Physical Performance:
Another major benefit of rhodiola rosea is its ability to reduce fatigue and improve physical performance. Studies show that it is effective at reducing both mental and physical fatigue.
Improved Cognitive Performance:
Rhodiola rosea seems to have several nootropic benefits. Users report an overall increase in cognitive performance. This seems to be especially true when taken during times of stress.
Benefits Of Vitamin E:
Discovered in 1922 by Herbert M. Evans and K.S. Bishop, Vitamin E is actually the name for a group of 8 hydrophobic polyphenol compounds called tocotrienols and tocopherols. Essentially, it is a fat-soluble antioxidant. The term polyphenol simply refers to its chemical structure. In 1936, Evans and his team isolated the compound from wheat germ oil just as more was being discovered about deficiency of the vitamin. The term antioxidant is a compound word combining anti (meaning against) and oxidant, which means oxidizing agent. Free radicals, or oxidants, are the result of a process called redox or reduction-oxidation. Redox is the chemical reaction of the day-to-day metabolic processes that help to maintain homeostasis, or balance, in our bodies. Antioxidants are the molecules that bind to these free radicals rendering them inert. When free radicals build up in the body, a phenomenon called oxidative stress, they can cause damage to our cells. Vitamin E has an oxygen-sparing effect on heart muscle, strengthens and regulates the heartbeat and has the ability to destroy and prevent blood clots.
Benefits Of Zinc For a Healthy Body:
Just like a shield, zinc is known to protect the body in many ways. The mineral ensures the body attains its immunity level. Zinc is also an all-day skin guard that fixes damaged cells and mends torn tissues, hence many a times physicians suggest intake of zinc. If you are constantly suffering with chapped skin and brittle hair and nails means you need more intake of zinc. Zinc fastens the renewal of cells. Zinc as a mineral helps in excreting toxins that lead to obesity and unwanted fat accumulation in the body. Including this mineral in your diet can help prevent fat deposits in the body. So you can lose more weight in the bargain. It improves the functioning of your digestive system and makes sure that your metabolism is working properly to convert calories into consumable energy for the human body. Zinc promotes the body’s natural ability to heal.
Supplement Facts:
Vitamin E 30IU 100%
(d-alpha succinate) 1210 IU/G
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCI) 8 mg 400%
Vitamin B12% (cyancobalmin) 48 mcg 800%
Zinc ACC 20% 1.5mcg 10%
Proprietary Blend:
Fenugreek Extract 50%, Eurycoma Longfolia Concentrate 4:1, Rhodiola Rosea Extract 3%, Arginie Alphaketoglutarate 2:1 (A-AKG)
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Bottle: 30
2 bottles
SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsule daily with water. For best results, light exercise and a sensible diet are recommended. Use This product for no less than 8 weeks for maximum results. Do not exceed 4 capsules daily.

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